Tick, Tick, Boom

The world is on fire,
I search for a new iPhone.

Floodwaters at my neighbor’s door,
I doomscroll Twitter for hours.

December tornadoes on the news,
I schedule brunch with friends (no masks).

Another Breaking News banner on my TV,
I turn off the lights and crawl under the covers.

More mandates, mass confusion & supply shortages,
I hoard supplies to feel a sense of control
over the uncontrollable.

Over the uncertainty that lies ahead.
Over the end(less) news cycle and Overstimulation of our daily lives.

There is no slowing. Only a growing sense of urgency, emergency and resurgence.

A virus mutates, time ticks by,
it’s only a matter of time until it all
becomes too much

or maybe it already has.

Tick, Tick, Boom.

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