The Hollowness of Being

To fill up our days with meaning
with the smell of coffee in the morning
and the gentle caress of soft sheets against the skin.
To the feeling of dipping your toes in scalding water (a test)
before submerging a body
so desperate for warmth under the
rippling water,
wishing it would consume and fill the hollowness within.

The hollowness of being,
of feeling everything
and touching darkness with your fingertips
like sparks running underneath your skin.
This is not what you asked for.

You did not ask for darkness,
but have been shown light.

The weightlessness of a breeze brushing past without apology
and the gentle smile of a lover who wraps you up under the night sky
tracing constellations
onto each other’s skin.

The same sky where you once saw
you now see
endless galaxies
surrounding and within you.

The stars insist
you fill your empty cup
with starlight
and drink up
the impermanence of it all.

Everything burns out eventually.

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