Haunted By Ghosts

I am haunted by ghosts.
Different versions of my past selves
popping in, out of my life
to remind me how far I’ve come.

The girl who didn’t want to live
The girl who felt no one wanted her
The woman who tried to let others know her, but no one really listened.
The woman who fell in love
The woman who got her heart broken
The woman who three days ago
didn’t know if
she would still be here.

I am haunted, but I am listening.

Listening for their gentle whispers
to soothe me in the darkness.
Reassurance when I thought
there was none.

To open a door
you’ve once padlocked
is to give yourself

The freedom to invite
those ghosts in for tea
with the knowledge
they are guests.

Guests who always overstay their welcome.

As the tea
the cups shatter,
you will not come away
from this unscathed.

It is time to lock the door again.

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