Felt Introspective, Might Delete Later

April 27th, 2003. It has been 18 years since and every year that passes, I feel further removed from the significance this day holds for me. The gravity of this day has now been filled with deep gratitude and self-reflection. 18 years ago, as a young teenager, I made a decision. Now, as an adultContinue reading “Felt Introspective, Might Delete Later”

The Sunday Scaries

The boogeyman known as the 40-hour workweek is upon me. I used to relish Sundays and the peace they gave me before another Manic Monday rolled around. Now? Here I sit, hydrating face mask on and in my head about what I need to accomplish during this next week and if it’s going to beContinue reading “The Sunday Scaries”

When I’m not dissociating, life is beautiful

Do you ever have those moments when you’re driving and the perfect song comes on, the windows are down and suddenly your overactive mind lets go for 3:37 seconds and life feels full of endless possibilities? Just me? Moments like that remind me of the quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower which everyoneContinue reading “When I’m not dissociating, life is beautiful”

The first: A hello and riding the crimson wave

I have a confession. I spent $89.00 on a new facial serum and I’ve broken down in tears no less than three times today. While that isn’t my all -time record, it’s curious to me that today of all days, when I am emotionally at my worst, is the day I decide to start thisContinue reading “The first: A hello and riding the crimson wave”