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Puzzle Pieces

We are given thousands of puzzle pieces at the start of our lives. It is up to us to attempt to put together, to create something beautiful out of what we’ve been given.

The puzzle is never perfect – the pieces may not always fit the way we want them to, but we still can create something beautiful out of imperfection.

We are literally floating on a rock in space and no human is perfect. We are flawed, we can be fickle, we will get angry or impatient and let our emotions get the best of us sometimes, but we are resilient. Comprised of flawed pieces that will manage to fit because we make them to be that way.

Some pieces shouldn’t fit, but we learn later on and remove them or rearrange in order to create something more cohesive. Not everything or everyone is meant to fit into our puzzle – into our lives.

Some pieces we may give away to people without knowing if they will return – hoping that person keeps that piece of ourselves safe. We may give pieces of ourselves to some who never deserved it and those who do. Those who are special and that piece of you is a gift you know they will cherish.

Why the fuck am I talking about puzzle pieces? Because it’s 3 a.m. and I love the thought of shaping our lives like a puzzle.

Some people are great at solving puzzles and others it takes years to accomplish or maybe they give up and put the puzzle pieces back in the box, to grow dusty on a shelf – wasting the possibilities that abound if only they took the time to sort through the parts of themselves that yearn to be seen.

To be seen, to be loved, to be content. Isn’t that all we ask for in this life?

That’s all I can ask for this week. A week where I continue to feel uninspired and don’t want to share my feelings or write a damn thing. Let’s hope for better days ahead.

Until Then.

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