At The Golden Gate

At the Golden Gate I remembered.

My feet carried me forward, but my mind pulled me back down.

Back to you.

The way your smile lit up my surroundings and you were the only one I could see.

The way your words felt like a soft caress against my skin.

How I wanted to breathe you in and feel your laughter vibrate against my neck.

At the Golden Gate I wanted to turn around. Back to 4-hour phone calls and the anticipation of waiting to hear your voice pick up on the other line. To long, drawn out hellos.

Surrounded by nature’s brilliance and all I wanted was some of yours.

My feet carried me forward – breathing hard with every step. My mind spinning with thoughts of you and how it can never be the way it once was.

And never be at all.

Nature reminded me that time means nothing and everything. Each day that passes my feelings remain steadfast.

I grow into who I need to be and still fall into the rhythms of love I feel for you.

That I will always feel for you.

I left my feelings at the Golden Gate. Maybe one day you’ll find them.

Until Then.

*Featured photo taken by me on 07/10/2021*

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