You Wished For This

Where are you right now?

I believe the person you were 5 years ago would tell you that where you are right now is exactly what you wished for.

Or maybe it isn’t.

But in most cases, the home, job, the relationships we have are the cause of looking at a bigger picture and cultivating the reality we are currently experiencing.

We may have hit obstacles along the way. Some circumstances that didn’t serve what we were creating had to fall away in order for the picture to come into full view.

So, why do we feel potential unease or even unhappiness in our current reality and continue to look for the next thing?

The next thing to fill us up as though by accomplishing a, b, c and the rest of the alphabet garners us a “I’m doing life right!” prize.

There is no life prize. Not even a giant stuffed bunny from a carnival game.

There is no right way to do life and chasing after the next goal and being disappointed if it doesn’t come exactly the way you envisioned doesn’t mean you failed.

It means what you wished for arrived – just came wrapped in slightly different packaging.

In my relatively short time on this Earth, I’d gather to say that goals are good, but managing our expectations is how we end up enjoying the process of living in our current reality instead of consuming ourselves with future tripping on plans that may not come to fruition or even work out. The best laid plans never do.

I wished for where I am right now and I can say that despite its challenges, this chapter has been full of rewards and so many lessons.

I’ve learned to communicate what I need more, not settle for breadcrumbs from others and truly enjoy my alone time, getting to know myself and what I actually enjoy.

This life doesn’t need to be extraordinary. The ordinary is just as rewarding as the moments that take our breath away or make us laugh until our belly aches.

The ordinary instant. The mundane. The extraordinary. We wished for it all.

I think it’s about time we celebrate.

Until Then.

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