Life Goes On


It may feel like we are blessed with an infinite amount, when really it feels like nothing at all.

We still spin and spin on this carousel of life, but when the ride stops, what will we remember? What do we take with us when we leave?

I hope that we remember all the love we had around us and within us. The laughs and late nights with those who inspire, motivate and make us feel content in a world mired in uncertainty and no-good, very bad things.

I have taken a break from blogging to the tiniest corner of the internet and may continue to take a few more days.

Life has knocked me down and this is easily one of my Top 5 worst weeks on record – if I want to keep track.

As I wrote in my previous post, Mr, Buckley isn’t doing well and after my call with the vet this morning, the news continues to be less than favorable.

Reminder: Give yourself time to breathe and heal from things greater than ourselves. Peace, whether external or internal, is a marathon – one that may never be fully finished.

Until Then.

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