The Life of Mr. Buckley

Almost 9 years ago, my life changed for the better.

Why? Well, I’ll tell you.

It was a snowy, October evening and my roommate and I had just settled in to watch one of our favorite shows and cook dinner. She got up from the couch to check the mail outside, nothing out of the ordinary.

She starts yelling from the screen door to come outside.

I walk outside (no coat) and spot what she’s pointing to.

A very tiny black kitten was hiding in the bushes of our neighbor’s house.

My immediate reaction was one of concern. The snow was supposed to get worse and the kitten was probably very hungry and freezing.

I took slow steps towards the bushes and crouched down and called in the way you do when you want an animal to come to you.

This kitten ran out of the bushes and straight into my hands. I was overjoyed.

I named him Buckley. I took him to the vet to get checked out and discovered he was a stray and around 4 months old and 4 pounds.

Buckley has become my constant companion through the years. Some days he challenges me with his notions on how he wants things to be and others he is just happy snuggle up in my lap while I work or watch TV.

He is wild, too smart for his own good, handsome and been my sassy shadow for 9 years.

He also has chronic, degenerative kidney disease.

A new diagnosis as of Thursday evening.

I’ve spent the past few days between fits of years, despondence and utter exhaustion.

He has his last day of expensive fluid therapy tomorrow and we will see how his kidneys are looking.

I hope with all I have that they are better and he can continue to live out more of his years by my side. He is so loved and I have to wait and see what the next few days brings for the both of us.

Hug your animals, loved ones close tonight. They are far too precious and life is much too fragile to forget not to love every moment we have with those we love – regardless of the amount of legs and fur they may have.

Until Then.

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